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Epic AI Space Battle

It’s team Red vs team Blue and they are duking it out in an asteroid field.

Procedural Galaxy Simulator

I was never happy with simply rotating a particle field for galaxies, it just makes it look like a rigid body and not a flow of stars. This galaxy generator uses the density wave theory to create and animate the motion of stars in the galaxy. This theory Interested in the maths? Go to the…

Targeting script

Your in-game enemies won’t stand a chance against this smooth-moving targeting script.

Epic Space Game Template

Explore planets, stars, galaxies and even cruise along the filaments of the universe.

Fade out additive shader near camera

Say goodbye to flying through ugly clipped particle planes.

Tilemap generator

Instantly build levels using a greyscale img.

A Destructable skyscraper

Shoot your way through walls and floors of a randomly generated skyscraper where you set the dimensions.