Creative Ninja

Do you need help injecting creative forces into a project workshop or help your in-house team open up for different perspectives? We have 20+ years of creative director experience from both Europe and South East Asia, heading teams both small and large in pursuit of breaking patterns and creating excellence in storytelling.

Art Ninja

We can help you with visual concept sketching, storyboards for film but also final art ready for digital or print.

UX Ninja

With 5 years experience in user experience, persona-building, ux-auditing of websites, apps and service design, we can help you improve your project from a user perspective.

3D Ninja

We have professional 3d modelling experience since 2003, first in broadcast before moving onto real-time. We do all our own modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging in-house and work fluently in both Maya and 3ds Max.

Prototype Ninja

Need help making a convincing proof-of-concept or a working demo? We’re fluent in Unity3D and can deploy projects for Web, IOS, Android, PC and Mac apps and for VR and Mixed Reality.

Design Ninja

We can design in a wide range of styles, from pixel art to 3d graphics, hand-drawn to digitally painted and advanced retouch and photo-editing. Follow our Instagram account for more!