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Hello and thank you, yes YOU, for visiting my site.

I love making games and create lots of 3d models, textures, shaders, scripts and projects, most of which I will never have time to use. But maybe you can!

Read this to get started

To run the asset packages, you’ll need Unity3D – an amazing piece of game development software with a great and helpful community.

  1. First, you need to install Unity3D. Head on over to to download and install the latest version for your system. Versions for both Mac and PC available.
  2. Download an asset from here and unzip it.
  3. Either double click to open it as a new project in Unity3d or go to Import Package, browse to the unity package file to add it to an existing project.

And you’re ready to go. Go make games!

All models, texture maps, scripts and Unity3D asset bundles are provided free for download as-is, without support.

If you can make something awesome with these, it’ll make me very happy. If you wish to support me on Patreon, I’ll be even happier.
Go make games 🙂

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