“Knee Man”

A VR adventure for Oculus Quest

We finally got our hands on the Oculus Quest and had some play time building something simple. Bounce around skyscrapers with bouncy knees that can take anything! Stay tuned for more

Waste of Space

Work in progress disclaimer. Things will certainly be different in release version!

In the outer rims of Federated Space, military battle cruise USD Dilettante is patrolling a desolate quadrant. With only a bare-bones skeleton crew and incidents few and far between, Captain Lenkman runs a loose ship. Even so, life is all but quiet onboard…

“It’s like Afterburner but in Space!”

Waste of Space is an interactive space comedy experience where the player assumes the role of space fighter pilot John J Johnson. The game combines elements of first-person action as well as intense space dogfights.

Procedural Galaxy Simulator

I was never happy with simply rotating a particle field for galaxies, it just makes it look like a rigid body and not a flow of stars. This galaxy generator uses the density wave theory to create and animate the motion of stars in the galaxy. This theory

Interested in the maths? Go to the Density Wave Theory on Wikipedia

And a very good explanation on how to practically apply the theory to visualize it.
I’ve translated the C++ implementation found here http://beltoforion.de/article.php?a=spiral_galaxy_renderer to C# and got it to run in Unity.