Epic Space Game Template

Explore planets, stars, galaxies and even cruise along the filaments of the universe.
Ever wanted to make your own Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky or Elite Dangerous? Epic space games spanning galaxies and beyond. I know I have.

Highlights of what’s in this pack:

Epicly large scene

It’s a normal sized scene with everything in miniatures. All celestial objects are modeled at 1×1 scale and then scaled inside Unity3D. The smallest objects are planets scaled down to 0.01 units, while the cosmic filaments span up to 100-1000 units.

Space traveler script
The observer movement script let’s you pitch, roll, yaw in any direction. There’s also forward and backwards thrusters as well as strafing thrusters.

  • WASD for rotation
  • LEFT SHIFT for forward thrust
  • RIGHT SHIFT for reverse thrust
  • Z and C for strafing

Targeting System

Use TAB to cycle between destination targets. The camera smoothly moves┬áto look at selected target and shows the targets name. I’ve included some sample targets for you to find in the universe.

  • TAB to cycle destination targets

Modified Additive shader

I use quads for galaxy planes and they looks ugly up close. The modified particles additive shader fades out galaxy discs when the camera is close.

Tagged trigger colliders control max velocity

When you go between a filament, galaxy or star tagged trigger collider the speed smoothly adjusts using Mathf.lerp.

Double Camera approach
To be able to see really close and really far at the same time, I’ve got two cameras with different clipping planes.

Download “Epic Proportions Space Game” Epic-Proportions.zip – Downloaded 629 times – 2 MB

Potential next steps

  • Spawn real-sized planets, bases and ships once you enter their trigger colliders (while keeping the whole universe in the background).
  • Player ship mesh with 3rd person view
  • Speed particles to add a better sense of motion
  • Procedural generation of planets, stars, galaxies and filaments


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