Hire NinjaFredde

Creative Ninja

Do you need help injecting creative forces into a project workshop or help your in-house team open up for different perspectives? I’ve got 20+ years of creative director experience from Europe and South East Asia, heading teams both big and small in pursuit of breaking patterns and creating excellence in storytelling.

Design Ninja

I can design in a wide range of styles, from pixel art to 3d graphics, hand-drawn to digitally painted and advanced retouch and photo-editing. Follow my Instagram account for more!

3D Ninja

I have professional 3d modelling experience since 2003, starting out in broadcast before moving onto real-time. I do all modelling, UV mapping, texturing, rigging in-house and work fluently in both Maya and 3ds Max.

Prototype Ninja

Do you need help making a convincing proof-of-concept or a working demo? I work in Unity3D and can help you deploy projects for Web, IOS, Android, PC and Mac apps as well as for VR and Mixed Reality.

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