The backstory


My career has gone through many phases – I´ve been a 3d modeller for broadcast TV in the UK. I’ve been a computer magazine editor in Sweden. I’ve been a regional creative director in advertising in South East Asia, working across Singapore, China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia markets. All those years, the passion for games was always there.

Our first computer was an Atari 800 my dad brought home from work. It had a floppy disc drive but we couldn’t figure out how to save the drawings I did until later – everything I did lasted only as long as it was on.

We also got the Atari 2600 console and I remember playing Breakout with the paddles in the kitchen.

My first own computer was a C128 and apart from wasting my youth playing games on it, me and my friends started making little sprites and moving them around. Back then, we saw games created by very small teams and saw no reason we couldn’t do the same.

And then came the Amiga 500 and Deluxe Paint. Suddenly, with a mouse and 32 colors, the possibilities were exponentially more exciting. We went to demo-meetings and stayed up all night drawing pixels and coding demos.

And then my dad got us a 486 Pentium, “for homework” of course. This is when I first laid hands on Wolfenstein3D and the third dimension opened. Me and my friend spent long hours in the basement where we started building our own PCs. Somehow I had gotten my hands on a copy of 3ds for dos. Vertices and polygons were a flying.

From here on, for better or worse, the era of ever faster PCs and faster graphics card is history. I spent time learning C# making stuff in Microsofts XNA.