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At we create glorious games, vivid virtual realities and intuitive interactive experiences.

We are based in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden but work seamlessly with teams across the planet.

And with over 20 years of experience from places all over the world we make sure the user, yes YOU, are always at the center.

A Vertigo Reality Jet Pack Ride

An exciting test project for Oculus Quest testing the limits technically as well as vomitally.

Stig and the Meteor

(In production) Take on the role of Stig, the royal messenger boy, on a quest to save the realm from an oncoming meteor disaster. Explore a Scandinavian inspired fantasy world to find four legendary heroes to vanquish the threat of meteoric destruction.

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Waste of Space

(In production) An epic space adventure in virtual reality, combining space ship flight and first-person experiences.

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